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Instead of donating supplies, we’re asking the community to donate their time and intelligence!

Overview (*Some aspects of this outline are subject to change)

The School Ideas Drive is a community-building event that enables educators to learn about and connect with local organizations that offer exciting new opportunities for teachers and students. The D.C. metro area is home to a multitude of organizations and individuals striving to improve teaching and learning.  How might we work together to connect our classrooms and communities so that students have access to an array of resources that take learning to the next level?

Join us we work together to brainstorm ways to engage students in the learning process by connecting our classrooms to the outside world.  Using aspects of design thinking and various collaboration techniques we will uncover how we make synergies with local organizations that inspire real world application and improve teaching and learning.



The School Ideas Drive will take place on October 7, 2017 at The Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning based out of St. Andrew's Epsicopal School in Potomac, MD. The day is divided into four parts:




Welcome + Breakout Sessions

1) Intro to Human Centered Design + Community Building - Tools to improve teaching and learning

2) Breakout Sessions on techniques to improve teaching and learning:

  • Intro to Mind, Brain, and Education Science- innovating/problem-solving through a research informed lens (author of Neuroteach and director of the Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning)
  • Connecting your classroom through Tech - (PBS Digital Innovator)
  • Connecting the classroom to the community - (Michelle Blanchet- Educators’ Lab)
  • Design Thinking 101- (Kerri Balint –



World Café  - How might we build effective partnerships between our classrooms and the community?

  • Ice-Breaker: Empathy Activity – Understanding our students’ needs
  • World Café Dialogue - Allowing participants to discuss, collaborate, and ideate around the prompt:
    • How might we build effective partnerships between our classrooms and the community?


Thank you to Mamma Lucia’s!


  • Building synergies between educators and local organizations.  Network, learn who’s who, and make connections.
  • Participants each develop a 60 second pitch:

           a) Teachers -Their students' needs/how the community can help

           b) Organizations – How they can support teachers and students




Using the Educator Canvas – Teachers, with the support of local organizations, will have the time to create an action plan of how they plan to connect their classrooms to the community in a way that best addresses their students' needs and interests. 


Register here:



  • Create synergies between your classroom and the community
  • Learn innovative techniques to improve teaching and learning
  • Create connections with local orgnizations
  • Earn eight recertification hours

Additional Info:

Tech Application

  • Nearpod is used during the facilitation process to boost participant engagement (teacher tool- we make the connection this could be used in the classroom)
  • Socrative is used as our final exit ticket/survey (teacher tool)
  • Teachers will learn about PBS Learning Media, Teacherline, and Teacher Lounge. We should be able to give out prize packs enabling some teachers (if not all) to have access to premium features (This is not emphasized; it’s just an extra. The main takeaway of the event will be the projects that teams develop for each school.

Follow through:

  • Possible recertifaction hours or CEUs for participation (ask for details)
  • Working to offer virtual coaching to teams for follow through


Space is limited. This event will take place on October 7, 2017 at St. Andrew's Episcopal School. Lunch provided. 

Hosted by The Educators’ Lab, PBS Education, and the Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning in Potomac, Maryland. 

Master of Ceremony: Michelle Blanchet is an educator and founder of The Educators’ Lab, which supports teacher driven solutions to educational challenges. She taught sociology and economics, and has presented at numerous events including SXSWedu and TEDxLausanne. Michelle is a professional development consultant for PBS Education and a designer for the Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning.

Please contact if you have further questions.

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