Teachers Want to personalize your professional development?


At The Educators’ Lab, we believe in creating workshops and programs that inspire teacher-driven solutions to educational challenges. We believe all teachers are changemakers and our goal is to use the professional learning space to enable YOU, the teacher, to turn your ideas into reality. 





You all have great ideas on how to improve teaching and learning for your students. Why not devote a PD day towards turning your ideas into reality?

TeacherHack is a one day program that turns professional development days into hands-on, productive opportunities for teachers to carry-out their ideas while learning about the process of innovation. Using our innovation canvas, you will develop a small-scale project specifically catered to the needs of your students and/or classroom. We provide the coaching and a structured framework, you get a professional development that better serves you!


  • Develop basic design and entrepreneurial principles

  • Experience a problem solving format you can use with colleagues and/or students

  • Create something useful for your students and/or school

  • Strengthen growth mindset and team relationships

  • Certificate of Completion for 7 professional development hours

  • Connect with like-minded educators


Instead of using professional development to add more to your workload, why not use this precious time to reflect and improve upon what already exists?

The TeamHack is a professional learning opportunity that enables staff, administrators, and other actors to come together to tackle an educational challenge within their school. Utilizing components of design thinking, we help groups to work together to create a solution to their challenge and develop an action plan that will enable them to enact changes within their school.

The TeamHack can be run in two ways:

  • Staff can pick an educational design challenge within their school prior to the workshop that they would like to solve
  • Teams or sections can individually select a challenge they would like to work on throughout the day


The TeamHack is a practical team-building exercise that simultaneously enables staff to improve teaching and learning. Through collaboration and design, this workshop empowers teachers, administrators, and other staff members to develop solutions to their toughest educational challenges.


  • Empower staff and other stakeholders to improve teaching and learning
  • Develop ideas catered to the needs of your students or school
  • Discover the hackathon process
  • Find solutions to educational challenges specific to your school or community

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