Skills Beyond School How do we use SEL to help students transition from school to college or work?


Hackkl is a platform where teachers can select an essential question and engage students in an online group project to answer that question. It's a platform that can measure the 4Cs (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity) based on the online engagement of that student. You - the teacher- pick the challenge, students are divided into teams, and engage in virtual PBL. The result: skill building and meaningful online learning. 

How this works: You design the challenge you want your studentss to work though by setting up the briefing phase. You then invite your students to take part and help faciliate them through this process:

  1. Briefing Phase: Students learn about the challenge and the scope of the project you'd like them to create.
  2. Research Phase: Students connect with their virtual teammates, dig into some data,  and search for inspiration on how they could solve the challenge. This section is all about sharing knowlege.
  3. Ideation Phase: Time for students to synthesize their findings and brainstorm what they could do to solve the challenge. Students should build off each other's input and suggest potential opportunities to take action.
  4. Solution Phase: Students will propose an official solution that they want their team to materialize. They will define what the solution might look like by providing examples, making prototypes, creating videos, whatever they need to make this idea as tangible as possible to their teammates.
  5. Voting Phase: Students will vote amongst themselves to decide which solution they want to execute and turn into their teacher.
  6. Planning Phase: Students will decide how to get organized so that they can make their proejct come to life. They will create a virtual plan of action thinking through tasks, resources, and potential partners needed to make this idea happen. They will decide who is to complete each task and work together to make it happen
  7. Debriefing Phase: The results of this challenge are published. Projects are shared and students can see their engagement scores. (Students are anonymous during this process to everyone but the teacher). 

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The world of work is dramatically changing. The traditional career path is a thing of the past. Everyone's talking about WHAT  students need to succeed in the workplace, but no one's offering much of HOW. Join us on our two-pronged approach to develop students' social-emotional skills while laying the foundation of work-place ready skills. As teachers, learn how to naturally infuse basic skills so students can practice like they'll play in the workspace. For students, offer them direct career coaching and guidance from experts in the field that can better support them as they undergo this major life transition. 


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