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The Educators' Lab believes that collaboration is key to transforming education. We believe that by connecting those interested in education to those working within our schools on a daily basis, we can make practical, needed changes that will improve teaching and learning. The Educators' Lab offers a unique set of programs and opportunities that support organizations and edupreneurs. Our team has expertise in both the business world as well as in the education sector giving us a unique yet holistic perspective on how to tackle challenges within education.


A hackathon is a fast-paced event that brings together various stakeholders enabling them to develop tangible solutions to an education challenge. During these events, participants work together to brainstorm ideas, develop solutions, determine outcomes, and create prototypes that address the posed challenge. Hackathons offer a wonderful medium through which society can realistically change education. Hackathons engage the public on important and relevant issues in education. They bring together people with various backgrounds and viewpoints inspiring new, more holistic solutions to problems. They also provide tangible, concrete deliverables that can be used by administrators and educators within their schools and classrooms.


  • Empower various stakeholders to improve teaching and learning
  • Develop ideas catered to the needs of a specific school or community
  • Discover the hackathon process
  • Develop a project/prototype that addresses the needs of your students or school
  • Find solutions to educational challenges specific to your school or community


Our aim at The Educators’ Lab is to support educational innovation and to improve the quality of teaching and learning in our schools. We believe that by developing creative solutions to the educational needs of our clients, we can ensure education is better suited for the 21st century. To achieve our goal, The Educators’ Lab provides a variety of services to organizations, schools, teachers, and edupreneurs. Some of these services include assistance with:

  • Designing professional developments for educators that cater to the needs of your organization
  • Designing and implementing new programs that improve teaching and learning
  • Developing innovative, relevant curriculum that emphasizes 21st century skills
  • Creating teacher training programs that expose teachers to 21st century topics
  • Discovering solutions to educational challenges through co-creation events or design thinking experiences
  • Connecting you to experts on 21st century topics and providing exposure to innovative teaching methodologies

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