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Often times teachers have to attend professional development sessions that aren't interesting OR helpful. The aim of these trainings is to give teachers prescribed solutions to educational challenges instead of providing them with the tools and resources needed to innovate. At The Educators' Lab, we believe in creating teacher-centered workshops that inspire teacher driven solutions to educational challenges.

We believe teachers should be treated as leaders and be exposed to new and relevant trends in the 21st Century. One-size-fits-all trainings do not enable teachers to design the classrooms of tomorrow. With so many cool new tools and resources for teachers to be creative and use technology, we have decided to improve the professional development niche and use this outlet as a means to empower teachers to collaborate together.



You all have great ideas on how to improve teaching and learning for your students. Why not earn professional development hours by turning those ideas into reality?

TeacherHacks turn professional development into hands-on, productive opportunities for teachers to carry-out their ideas while learning about the process of innovation. Throughout the session, teachers have the opportunity to reflect on their practice and play around with new ideas. Using our educators canvas, you will develop a small-scale project personalized to fit the needs of your students and/or classroom. We provide the coaching and a structured framework, you get a professional development that better serves you!


  • Discover basic design and entrepreneurial principles

  • Experience a problem solving format you can replicate with colleagues and/or students

  • Create something useful for your students and/or school

  • Strengthen growth mindset and team relationships

  • Earn professional development hours professional development hours



This program is designed for teams or sections that would like to work together to improve the quality of teaching of learning within their department.

The program consists of three-five workshops held over an academic year. The first workshop enables the team to aptly define their challenge and to work together on a solution to that problem (e.g. How might we make learning more interactive?). Team members develop a prototype or project to address their challenge and a plan of action so that they can implement their idea into their classrooms or school.

The second, third, and fourth workshops (varies based on need) will enable team members to continue to develop their project or prototype. They will be given tools to assess the impact of their work and to improve the prototype so that they can achieve their intended results. If they find their idea isn’t working, they can use this space to develop an alternative solution.

The final workshop provides teachers with a space to access the impact of their end prototype, to make any further adjustments, and to ensure the sustainability of the project. The facilitator will act as a coach to each team throughout the duration of the project and beyond to ensure that teachers have support for their project throughout its implementation.


  • Discover process of innovation
  • Learn design techniques
  • Monitor and evaluate project outcomes
  • Develop a project/prototype that addresses the needs of your students or school
  • Build team relationships


An intrapreneur is someone who acts as a change agent within an organization. You might not have heard of the term before, but as you know, many educators are already working to improve teaching and learning. Through the Intrapreneurship Bootcamp we provide visionary educators with the extra support they need to materialize their ideas.

The Intrapreneurship Bootcamp is a three day workshop, hosted in collaboration with the Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship. During this time, teachers will define their ideas, figure out assumptions, and develop solutions to address their needs. With the support and tools provided at the workshop, teachers will be able to implement their projects, test out their solutions, and continue to redefine their project so that they can make the desired impact.


  • Discover process of innovation
  • Learn design techniques
  • Monitor and evaluate project outcomes
  • Develop a project/prototype that addresses the needs of your students or school

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